• Rina Nishizima
  • age:32
  • T158 B88(F) W58 H87
Manager's comment
Naturally easygoing with a touch of exotic beauty,

Her captivating, subtly pigmented eyes that enhance her presence like a true half-breed. She exudes a mysterious aura and possesses an intellect that oozes sensuality!

Her charm lies in effortlessly drawing men towards her. Although she has a mysterious personality she doesn't readily reveal, customers will undoubtedly find themselves intrigued, wanting to uncover all there is to know about her.

To be honest, from the moment you meet her, you'll feel her sensuality in abundance. One of the aspects that conveys this is her well-defined E-cup breasts, even discernible through her clothing. And once they're unveiled and touched...

They're sensitive, soft, and silky smooth. It's truly remarkable how much you can sense just from her breasts alone!

As for the kind of play... I'm sure you're curious, right? At first glance, she might seem cool, but it's quite the opposite. She offers an ultra-close and intimate experience, filled with affectionate moments, especially in the bath!

In the bedroom, the intimacy goes beyond what you'd experience in the bath, lasting more than twice as long... It's said that her entire body is incredibly sensitive, so you can discreetly touch her anywhere, and she'll respond with pleasure. She might be too shy to reveal this kind of information herself...

Wrapped in such mystery, Rina-san is truly something special! Honestly, I must say, meeting her leads to an addiction for many! Enjoy your time with her, as long as you allow yourself the pleasure of spending time with someone who seems to possess a magnetic pull that attracts all kinds of experiences.
Lady's comment
I will do my best to make you feel better!\r\nThank you very much ♡
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我讓她先攻擊我,但吻的氣氛很出色。 他的進攻技術也很棒。 這是我第一次使用該軟體,所以我有點困惑,但最終我能夠調整它。
thank you for the great time It was fun making out and making bets.
I enjoyed the play afterwards as well
The story was interesting, so we talked for a while. The play was also very polite and good. I think I will nominate you again.
A smiley slender girl with a girlish impression and energy It was good to be dedicated. The hand job with nipple licking was the best.
Everything is polite. And he will do his best to make both of us feel comfortable. It felt good
Thank you very much Rina-san for today. My mind and body feel lighter, and I can fight again tomorrow. We hope to see you next time m(_ _)m
We had a great time. Her face is cute and her style is slender. But if you were to ask me what I thought of Aika-san, I would probably answer that it was fun, and that it was definitely fun!
He was very good at using his tongue and was very active! Right after we met, he was friendly and very easy to talk to! ! ! I think M men are more compatible! !
Prabhu Cole Freeman
We had a great time! I was happy to hear that she is a bit of a natural, but that is part of her charm!
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Rina Nishizima

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