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Mistress course

Mistress course
Mistress course Price list
Basic play contents
Kissing, French Kissing, Raw Blow Job, Ball Licking, 69, Full-Body Licking, Fingering, Cunnilingus, Oral Ejaculation, Intercrural Sex, Unlimited Shots within the time

This course allows you to enjoy a sweet and intense time with a high-level woman.
An unforgettable moment with our escorts of higher level...
We promise you the ultimate luxury experience.

3P Course

Hentai Course
Hentai Course Price list
In the [Mistress Course], if you want to do something that is not included in the basic play, you must request the option in advance.
Many customers actually want to use adult toys during play.
So,Japan proud pervert culture purveyor! The three sacred perverted toys!
We will bring the [Rotor], [Vibrator], and [Denma] from the beginning.
Please use these three sacred perverts that Japan is proud of to bring a woman to climax.
She will want you even more now that she feels good.
You can use any of them or not.

Orgy course

3P course
3P course Price list
Very luxurious course where you can play with two married women at the same time.
Double the eroticism
Twice the healing!
The fun is unlimited!


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Transportation fee
Transportation fee


Business hours: 10:00-22:00(10am-10pm)
Address: Monte Dogenzaka B1F-E, 2-20-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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Terms and Conditions
  • No sexual intercourse, demand, negotiation, or coercion of sexual intercourse.
  • Spy photography or eavesdropping by hidden cameras, cell phones with cameras, etc.
  • Violence, abusive language, or shouting.
  • Using or taking drugs or illegal herbs.
  • Acts that may cause physical harm to women, such as SM acts or perverted acts.
  • Intentional soiling of costumes or clothing.
  • Exchanging contact information with a woman or asking for an out-of-store date.
  • Use of unsanitary places or places where baths or showers are not available.
  • Use of customer-owned adult toys.
  • Any other behavior that a woman may not be comfortable with.


Recommended Casts
  • Rino Yamamoto Age:27
  • 163 85(D) 58 86
  • Megumi Hosino Age:35
  • 155 86(E) 58 87
  • Karen Yamashita Age:28
  • 170 95(H) 57 86
  • Hitomi Tomita Age:23
  • 162 85(E) 58 87
  • Rina Nishizima Age:32
  • 158 88(F) 58 87


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