• Ayuri Konno
  • age:28
  • T150 B84(D) W58 H83
Manager's comment
She came here with great excitement!

She is usually an office lady, so don't miss out on her as she rarely comes to work.

You can tell that she's nervous the moment you meet her, but when you start talking to her, she smiles and has a cute face.

Her good personality shines through in her smile.

Her petite, sensitive body is pure white, and her body lines that appeal to men make her extremely comfortable to hold.

She has beautiful, glossy skin and a cute, childish smile, but her overall appearance, including her style, makes her look like a calm older sister type.

She is a comforting woman who is polite and kind and makes you feel at ease.

I think he does everything carefully and carefully.
Something like that would happen to such a serious and pure woman. Please suppress your guilt and enjoy it.

Beyond that, there is a true nature that no one knows yet!
Lady's comment
There are many things I don't understand, but I want to have fun together.
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Questions for the cast
Blood type
What are your hobbies?
What's your favourite food?
Ice cream
Do you smoke?
Do you have tattoos?
Is it shaved?
What body part excites you?
What is your favorite play?
English level
I can speak English as much as a word.
Of course we have fun talking, Even in the midst of all this, I felt a great deal of care and compassion towards me. Although it was a short play, it was a very valuable moment.
It started with a kiss, then a nice lip, and I was very satisfied with the way she responded to my requests! She is a girl who makes time fly by and makes you want to meet her again.
She has great service! It was fun and flirty from beginning to end! I want to play again!
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Ayuri Konno

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