• Miyabi Ito
  • age:33
  • T162 B95(H) W58 H88
Manager's comment
The first thing she says when she opens the door is.
I don't have much experience with men, is that okay?

Here she comes!
Her curiosity about men is maxed out!

I also like your modesty.
And her indescribable M temperament...

What's more!
Everyone loves H-cups!

She will gently wrap you up with her H-cups, which are the symbol of her naughtiness.

Why don't you let her serve you while you indulge your naughty fantasies?
Lady's comment
I don't have much experience with men, but I'm interested in sexy , so I'd like you to teach me a lot.
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  • ○ Vibrator
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Questions for the cast
Blood type
What are your hobbies?
Take care of pets
What's your favourite food?
Do you smoke?
Do you have tattoos?
Is it shaved?
What body part excites you?
What is your favorite play?
Titty fuck
English level
I can speak English.
I was able to play comfortably because they first asked me what I wanted and what I was weak at.
she was a wonderful woman The service was good and the smile was nice.
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She was amazing, sweet and played hard! She had good sensitivity and seemed to get wet easily. There was also blame! If you are the receiver, he will attack you with skillful techniques. It was very good! I was grateful that they continued to fl
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Miyabi Ito

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