• Sakura Yuuki
  • age:31
  • T153 B86(E) W58 H88
Manager's comment
Full of sensitivity♪
A cute woman who becomes proactive once she feels the sensations has joined our team♪

With a gaze that's both sharp and sexy, she possesses a captivating facial structure.
Her enchanting and alluring allure gently wraps around men, enthralling them completely. This charm is a gift from her inherent maternal instincts!!

Her fair complexion and serious aura, combined with her seductive physique, are radiating a strong aura of femininity!!

Her erotically starved body is highly sensitive, and the sweet sighs she lets out reveal how she loses herself on the bed.

☆Endorsed by the manager☆
Once you meet her, you'll experience top-notch service as well.
Her remarkable potential is evident – we promise an intensely exciting time.

Undoubtedly, you'll experience moments of pleasure like never before.
Lady's comment
I hope that many people will have the chance to enjoy their time with me, and I truly wish to be a source of healing for everyone.
02/23(Fri) 02/24(Sat) 02/25(Sun) 02/26(Mon) 02/27(Tue) 02/28(Wed) 02/29(Thu)
- - - - - 13:00
  • ○ 3P:1Man×2girls
  • ○ Costume play
  • ○ Pantyhose
  • ○ Rotor
  • ○ Vibrator
  • ○ Masturbation Viewing
  • ○ Pissing
  • ○ Denma
  • ○ Cumshot on to Face
  • ○ AF
  • ○ 1 photo without face
Questions for the cast
Blood type
What are your hobbies?
Anime, games
What's your favourite food?
Fish dishes
Do you smoke?
Do you have tattoos?
What is your favorite part of your body?
What body part excites you?
What is your favorite play?
Blow Job
English level
I can't talt.
Everything is polite. And he will do his best to make both of us feel comfortable.'
The shower starts with a moderately enjoyable conversation, and the time allocation for playing and showering after playing is also good. It starts with a kiss, and the sensitivity is just right, and the blame on me also feels very good, without the
She washes me with her attractive body, and at that point, I move to the bed in a deep state and explode with a rich F. We both ascended to heaven at the same time in different smartphones and had a very pleasant time. There was no shortage of topic
It is very cute that was amazing It was a lot of fun.
I was able to enjoy the feeling of having an affair with a naughty married woman! It was nice to feel like he was trying his best and it had a very masochistic feel to it!
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Sakura Yuuki

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